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I have to admit I am quite proud of having achieved practically fifty years working in an industry perceived by the media in the early sixties as having nothing more to offer than 'Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll'.

I am fortunate to have survived unscathed having experienced the excitement and extremities of this magnetic industry. Writing my story has allowed me to look back over my career and relive both the highs and lows of creating music that has become part of the history of British Pop Music.


For the Love of Music- John Schroeder

All for the Love of Music

I honestly didn’t want to write this book but due to pressure from friends and music business associates I decided to put pen to paper. I am glad I did since it has given me the chance to mentally recreate and relive many of the highlights and low lights of my career in an industry that has been and still is my life.

The Sixties and Seventies were without a doubt the most prolific and exciting times musically and in a million other ways also. It just felt great to be alive!

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Buckingham - John Schroeder


“Cats have always been a pleasurable pastime for most of my life. My parents had five of them. When my father became deaf, blind and wheelchair bound one of them jumped up on his lap. They became inseparable for the following three years of his life.
I just had to write it! ”

Buckingham is a delightful, beautifully illustrated story that explores the therapeutic powers of the cat. This gentle tale is not your run of the mill cat book, instead it is a story all about the therapeutic powers of cats and how they positively affect human lives. It is an entertaining mixture of fantasy and reality.

"Buckingham was big. Buckingham was beautiful and the day he found his way into Angela Tillsworthy's life, neither she, nor he, were ever to look back. Surprisingly Angela was soon to discover that Buckingham possessed some extraordinary therapeutic powers, which were to ultimately affect a lot of people's lives. Through persistent demand for her cat's therapeutic services, Angela forms a company calling it Cozy Cats Cottage plc appointing Buckingham as the chairman".

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Book signing
Book signing | Credit: Grahame Larter

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